School Dinner Menu

Rookwood School also operates a breakfast club at the Boarding House from 7.30am daily and an after school tea club for all ages. Salad bar, fruit and yoghurt area available daily.

Known allergens in the daily menus are displayed in the dining hall but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to seek further advice from our Catering department.


Week commencing: 22 April 2019


Monday 22 April

Bank holiday


Tuesday 23 April

Inset day – staff only


Wednesday 24 April  

Spaghetti bolognaise


Garlic bread

Grated cheese


Vegetarian – quorn mince  

Gluten-free – gluten free pasta and bolognaise

Dessert: Apple crumble and custard       


Thursday 25 April 



Baked beans


Vegetarian – cheese omelettes  

Gluten-free – Steamed fish 

Dessert: chocolate brownie 


Friday 26 April   

Jacket potatoes

Grated cheese


Baked beans

Side salad


Vegetarian – same as the main menu 

Gluten-free – same as the main menu 

Dessert: Raspberry mousse